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The Company

The Company was formed in 1988 as "private airline" for  Public Transportation of passengers and for "airline work" with an helicopter AS 350B .
This type of service soon becomes ideal for short and medium range journeys with the possibility to meet all clients needs.
In 1989 the company buys a twin-engined Helicopter type Dauphin SA365N, certified for night flights, and one of the finest, and top-quality VIP transportation services .

In 2008 the Company renews its fleet by substituting the Dauphin N with the latest model Dauphin N3. The Company is now able to provide a more qualified, efficient, comfortable and safe service, combined with highly trained and experienced personnel to fulfil all security requirements. 

The company is licensed:

  • Aircraft Operator Certificate A.O.C. nr I-059 as for JAR OPS 3 Regulation
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Certificate as for CE nr 2042/2003 EASA PART M Regulation
  • Aircaft Maintenance Certificate nr IT.145.071 as for CE nr 2042/2003 EASA PART 145 Regulation